where can i get Misoprostol Founder’s Hope Mission Statement

Dhaurahra Our mission is to expose the plan being followed that will, if not reversed, transform our Republic into a socialist dictatorship.  The freedom and opportunity that once was ours will be destroyed forever. We will provide a detailed description of the steps being taken to erode our system of government.  More importantly, we will suggest actions that can be taken to stop this plan, repair the damage that has already taken place, and restore our Republic to the great nation our Founders envisioned.

I am signing my essays as “Publius232” to recognize the contribution that “Publius” made to the development and acceptance of our Constitution.  “The Federalist Papers” are a series of 85 articles and essays written under the pen name “Publius” some 232 years ago. This was the time that our Constitution was written but not yet ratified.  There were actually 3 authors using this nom de plume: James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton. Their articles were written to explain the Constitution to the citizens and promote its acceptance by the voters of the 13 colonies.  Copies of “The Federalist Papers” and the “Constitution of the United States” are available in libraries, on the net, and for sale. These articles are indispensable when trying to understand what the Founders intended.

Sadly, we have strayed significantly from the Constitution that the Founders wrote.  To the extent that I can, I will attempt to contrast the Constitution the Founders wrote to the significant “changes” implemented by the Judicial Branch over the years.  It is the responsibility of the Judicial Branch to hold to the intended meaning of the Constitution; sadly, and all too often, they have allowed expedience and personal political bias to alter the meaning of the Constitution.  It is these changes that are largely responsible for the mess we now have to clean up.

Note that I am not a lawyer, so while I may call for some specific legal action, consider my remarks as “civilian speak” and not statements with legal stature.  Perhaps an actual attorney will step in from time to time to correct any misstatements that I may make.

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