Who Stole Our 2nd Amendment


What do they call a group of people casually visiting in a posted, gun-free zone?


The 2nd Amendment reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

That’s right.  If you can’t defend yourself, you are nothing but a target.  So, why do our socialist politicians tell us we will be “safe” if we get all the guns out of the hands of the citizens?  They want to get all the guns off the streets so THEY will be safer.  They are on a mad campaign to force socialism on us because it’s their hide that they are trying to protect.  Look closely at who is doing what when a politician is in the vicinity. Chances are that the politician has a heavily armed security detail providing protection.  Naturally, our President needs such protection. The world is full of risks for a head of state.

But mayors, governors, and other minor officials?  Frankly, I value my back-side well above these low level politicians and their enforcement thugs.

The truth is that, when the socialists are in charge, and start telling people to move out of their house, “the director” or whoever needs it.  You better get out of the way. Socialism is a political system wherein the “state” or the “leader”, through a group of thugs, does all the thinking, and makes all the decisions, and sees that they are enforced.  And there is no one to turn to if you don’t like a decision. If you have a pretty nice house, you can be sure that some socialist thug will tell you to leave, and they will move in. There’s a good chance the big socialist thug will bring a group of armed little socialist thugs, and you’ll be moved out in the middle of the night.  Your remains may never be found. That’s part of their intimidation strategy. They are just like the “black shirts” that intimidate, beat, injure, and worse.

Does this sound strange?  Can’t happen here? Don’t bet against it.  Look at any socialist country. One of the first things the socialists do is to disarm the citizens. They do this before they take power, and when they take over, you have no chance.  That way, you can’t complain when they give you orders, steal your property, and toss you into a shallow grave in the middle of some woods. You won’t be able to vote them out of office because they will be counting the votes.  They might even take a tip from Hitler and just toss you and yours into an oven. For a current, seemingly extreme, even impossible, example, a ‘nice’ dictator will inevitably be replaced by an ‘evil’ dictator. That’s human nature.  Every so often, someone will pose a major problem for the citizens.  

  1. For their own safety, the citizens must always retain 
  2. the right and capability to defend themselves.

If what I said above seems strange, even impossible, look in on Venezuela for a very recent, visible example.  First, Chavez took power in 1998; that’s when the trouble really started for the Venezuelan people. When Chavez died in office in 2013, his successor was Maduro.  In the presidential election of 2018, Juan Guaidó won the election, but Maduro has refused to leave. Venezuelans appear to have only 2 choices: accept a dreadful life in socialist Venezuela, or walk 3,537 miles north and enter the United States at San Diego.

What we Americans need to do is drive out at the voting booth the socialists that have already started taking power here.  If we don’t say “not only NO, but HELL NO” in the voting booth, our only viable option is to walk to Canada and adjust to a life of shoveling snow!  We could drive to Canada, assuming that the “Green Police” haven’t restricted access to gasoline to include only the socialists and their friends. Incidentally, I’m not trying to disparage Canada; they are just the only refuge available to us that doesn’t involve a lengthy swim!

What have many of our current crop of politicians been doing for a decade or two?  Collecting our weapons, that’s what. They tell us we’re safer because of this, but the real truth is that the socialists are safer, and we’re completely vulnerable.

The 2nd Amendment, as a Federal level of protection for your rights, takes precedence over State laws.  What we need to do is to elect Conservatives to the house and senate, and have them set Federal requirements for obtaining access to weapons.  Your background should be checked, even sealed juvenile records, to see if you have violent tendencies, alcohol or drug dependence, spouse abuse, violent criminal activity, and so on.  Unless you’ve had an unblemished record for the last 10 years, you’re not approved to own or use weapons. If you do have an unblemished record, you are thereby cleared to possess, carry and use weapons, concealed or visible, wherever you choose to go.  That’s the meaning of “the right to bear arms” that the 2nd Amendment provides for us.

The lawless among us will have to walk the streets unarmed, which is something that will really discourage criminal behavior.  Make sure that we have the right to defend ourselves, our properties, and other people who need help. Prohibit state and local jurisdictions from issuing any rules regarding weapons; it’s strictly a federal matter.

It is important that it was our colonists with their weapons that allowed us to drive out the King of England and his cronies; if we find ourselves in the clutches of a 21st century dictator, we will be able to run him, or her, out of office and into a prison, so we can again have our freedom restored.

Our right to bear arms also means that someone carrying a weapon will happen to be in the vicinity of a criminal seeking to commit robbery, or to carry out a mass shooting.  Such an individual is called a “Good Samaritan” because they step in to stop the criminal activity and protect what may be unarmed citizens. Because they are already present in or near the site of the crime, they can act to stop the criminal and save the people who otherwise would be victims.

How often have Good Samaritans stepped up to stop a mass-shooting event well before the regular police arrived on the scene?  The link below lists over 41 events since 1998 that one or more Good Samaritans stepped in to stop a mass-shooting event. They were legally carrying a weapon, and brought the crime to a swift stop.  Sometimes, all they had to do was to tell the shooter to drop his weapon, and he did.

Remember the opening to this essay: shooters want targets that can’t shoot back.  In many cases, the shooter committed suicide. In a few cases, shots were exchanged.

In none of these Good Samaritan controlled mass-shooting events did the Good Samaritan shoot anyone but the shooter; bystanders were never shot.  In one case, the shooter shot and killed the Good Samaritan, but was unable to escape or continue shooting. In one case, a uniformed police officer was wounded while exchanging shots with a criminal.  A Good Samaritan drove up and joined the officer in his fight with the shooter. This saved the officer’s life.

  1. In all cases, any innocent victims that were shot, were shot by the criminal before the Good Samaritan arrived.

In conclusion, any time a politician tells you that you will be safer without weapons, immediately find someone else to vote for.  The candidate you’re listening to is nothing but a lying socialist seeking to make you more vulnerable in a socialist environment.  You may choose to not carry a weapon, but in the cases described, virtually all the Good Samaritans were there by coincidence. Even if you don’t want to carry a weapon, you never know when you might need a Good Samaritan who does!


List of Recent Mass Shooting Events Resolved by Armed Good Samaritans

Link courtesy of Crime Prevention Research Center

List of School Shootings in United States – 1840 to Present


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